The usability of coffee measuring spoons

The discussion at FatDUX this morning focused on Nescafé. And which spoons each of us used to make coffee (note to self: we have a perfectly good, very expensive coffee maker. Why are folks drinking this instant crap?) It seems … More

Movies on your desert island iPad

OK. Here’s the deal. You’re shipwrecked on some desert island. Lots of coconuts, fish, and other food – plus a magic spring that spouts water, beer, wine, cocktails, and Coca-Cola. There is also a power outlet for your iPad. Alas, your … More

The user experience of hot dog buns

We’re gearing up for our annual FatDUX barbeque. Naturally, hot dogs will be on the menu along with lots of other goodies. The problem is, Danish hot-dog buns don’t let you load up with chili, cheese, relish, onions, sauerkraut, and all … More

Geeky relics from the past

I’m a pack rat. I admit it. My wife, coworkers, casual acquaintances, and even strangers on the street tell me to throw stuff out. But I never do. So, here I am cleaning up in the FatDUX Copenhagen server room. … More

Wall of Tweets

Download MP3 I recently had the pleasure of connecting with colleagues in Croatia Vibor Cipan and Darko Čengija about Wall of Tweets. My first experience with Wall of Tweets was while watching talks at the TEDxMälaren event in June; and … More

FatDUX Zagreb: 9 months later – we deliver

It’s a warm summer’s night here in (Ancient Greece) Croatia. Some of you, who are fans of The Big Bang Theory show, might find this starting sentence familiar. For the rest, please excuse this off-topic, but it serves good to … More

All-purpose company description

Over the years, I’ve personally written over 30 mission and vision statements for clients throughout Europe. As internal documents, these are incredibly important. We (management and I) invest a lot of energy in defining the business position and the strategy … More