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FatDUX Zagreb: 9 months later – we deliver

It’s a warm summer’s night here in (Ancient Greece) Croatia. Some of you, who are fans of The Big Bang Theory show, might find this starting sentence familiar. For the rest, please excuse this off-topic, but it serves good to describe the actual feeling in the really warm Croatia.

Anyhow, I wanted to share some news with you. I sincerely love those opportunities when we get some time and chance to share what are we working on and how do we see the world around us via this blog.

On July 9th there will be exactly 9 months since our official incorporation. Before joining FatDUX, I’ve worked at Microsoft Development Center in Copenhagen, Denmark. My team there was really proud on the fact that they have consistent and strong track of record delivering the solutions, products and services to customers. We used to celebrate product releases with “We deliver” parties. And that culture of constant ability to deliver was something that has influenced and shaped me, and now the team I’m leading here in Zagreb.

So, nine months behind us – we have delivered, too. Pun intended.

It’s hard to list all the projects and clients we’ve worked with and to list specifics of those projects – some are still under NDA, but I can say that we’ve been working on all UX fronts – from mobile, desktop and web solutions, digital signage, copywriting, SEO and analytics to consulting and education. We’ve bitch slapped the crisis and opened some new opportunities and markets outside the Croatia and Europe.

Staying lean and effective is one of my personal goals. Delivering exceptional value to our customers is our DNA. Delivering constantly is our mission.

If I have to pick a single project we’ve worked on, it’s definitely our Wall of Tweets twitter wall. It’s a best available customized twitter wall solution. Hands down. Used and accessed by thousands of users every month, used by clients big and small, it’s something we did for fun, as a pet project. We kept it simple. Powerful. Engaging. And we still keep innovating and delivering on those values.

So, as we are approaching our first birthday (by the way, our mothership, The FatDUX Group has celebrated 4 successfully years last week, hear, hear!), I’m confident and inspired more than ever that we will keep delivering. After all, with this team, it’s just a game. One we are so passionate about.

It’s what customers expect from us. It’s what we must give to the world. It’s what we LOVE.
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