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20 Tips for Writing for the Web

Author: Eric L. Reiss (Last updated 19 July 2018) The truth is, most online readers don’t care much about how web writers tackle grammar, spelling, and punctuation as long as they get the information they need. That said, good grammar … More

Why UX folks complain on social media

About a month ago, a clueless UX wannabe posted a Tweet that suggested that “so-called UX gurus don’t do anything but post stupid complaints about minor problems. That’s how they make a name for themselves.” This is a paraphrase so … More

What exactly ux professionals do?

Last week I had a Skype conversation with some fellow UX professionals about the essence of User Experience Design. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a lot of the discussion focused on why so many practitioners and companies have a misconception of our activities. … More

The Triforce of UX

I love metaphors and analogies; they make complicated stuff seem simple. Here’s my take on what I believe are the core elements of user experience: the Triforce of UX – feel, perceive, convey. User Experience happens whether it is intentionally … More

Riffing on the “content is king” metaphor

We’ve heard that “content is king” for years. Curiously, the metaphor stands up extremely well, even when stretched, prodded, and otherwise abused. Here’s my take. Content is KingContent rules all things. Food ingredients are the content objects that allow us … More

In search of serendipity

If reports from the recent South By Southwest Interactive Festival are to be believed, “serendipity” – a fortunate accidental discovery – appears to be “Buzzword of the Month.” This is both good and bad. Good, because we need more serendipity … More

Less is more

Recently, I’ve started to wonder what really matters to me here in life. The answers have surprised me and I’d like to share one of them with you now. Over time, I’ve acquired more personal property than most. I have … More

Design angel

Earlier this year, my dear friend, Hannah Koppel,  gave me a paper angel she had made. Here’s a photo:   Hannah is a talented designer and ceramacist. And as the daughter of renowned silversmith Henning Koppel, her gene pool leaves … More

Selling User Experience

I grew up in an unusual household. As the son of politically aware scientists, by the time I was six, my greatest passions were music, baseball, antique cars, and nuclear isotopes. What I learned at a very young age has … More

TIMBUK2 And Social Customer Service

On January 24, 2013 one of the clips on my TIMBUK2 Messendger D-Lux Bag broke due to harsh weather conditions. To be fair, it was the second time, cause low temperatures cause the plastic to wear off in general and … More