FatDUX is an international design agency that creates a better user experience through on- and offline communications and personal service.

About us

FatDUX is an international design agency that creates better user experiences through on- and offline communications and personal service. We have offices and associates across Europe and the Americas, plus strategic partners in Asia. This ensures you always have access to the best possible team no matter where you are located.

Our history

FatDUX was established in 2006 to bridge the gap between new and traditional media communications. We don’t sell software and we won’t sacrifice your communication goals to clueless Mad Men. Over the years, we’ve created strategic concepts and carried them out for hundreds of clients – from the United Nations to Fortune 100 companies. We have also helped small companies with tiny budgets – in fact, we think that doing a great job on a limited budget can be a thrilling creative challenge.

Our name

“DUX” is a common abbreviation for “Design of User eXperience.” “UX” refers to the overall experience one has when using a given product or service. If the experience is positive, brand loyalty is born. If it isn’t, you’ve lost a significant opportunity to build business. As to “Fat”, well, “fat ducks” are juicy and delicious. We like the sound of it. (And our business cards are so cute, some clients actually ask for 16 of them so they can play “memory” games with their kids!)

Our goal

FatDUX makes sure your company projects a unique and positive image at every customer touchpoint. How? By creating an identity that can be used across all media platforms to reinforce consistency. By using a combination of innovative, interactive products and systems. By creating detailed guidelines for designers, developers, and content editors. And by conducting independent usability studies to make sure everything works to our standards and your expectations.

Most important of all, we have a well-proven process to make sure things get done on time and on budget.