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The FatDUX Group ApS is a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Kingdom of Denmark. Our international tax number DK29527334.

FatDUX North America, Inc. is incorporated in the State of Illinois and is wholly owned by the FatDUX Group ApS.

Local FatDUX offices are locally owned and operate under service-provider agreements with FatDUX Group ApS and FatDUX North America, Inc.

All content (apart from links to external sites) is the sole property of the FatDUX Group ApS and/or individual blog authors. Please ask our permission before you “borrow” something.

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This site is based on WordPress. It sends out so-called “cookies,” but only to make it work better, not so we can spy. We don’t collect your personal information. We don’t sell information to advertisers. We respect your privacy. End of story.

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