Our offices around the world

All our offices offer the same high level of capacities to design valuable user experiences. We work in small, highly collaborative offices, but our reach is global.

Many FatDUX offices offer specialized services, such as service design, SEO, and information architecture.
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FatDUX Group ApS headquarter

Strandøre 15
DK-2100 Copenhagen

Principal: Eric Reiss
Telefon: +4539296777
E-mail: info@fatdux.com

FatDUX North America, Inc.

Los Angeles

Principal: Chuck Baldwin
Telephone: +1-415-225-1874
E-mail: chuck@fatdux.com

FatDUX Zagreb, Croatia

B Domany 8
10000 Zagreb

Principal: Suncana Spriovan
Telephone: +385 (0)916161801
E-mail: sun@fatdux.com

FatDUX Cologne, Germany

Vogelsanger Straße 321a, Cologne
D-50827 Cologne

Principal: Michael Klinkers
Telephone: +49 221 99886-201
E-mail: michael.klinkers@fatdux.com

FatDUX Budapest, Hungary

Lázár Vilmos u. 8/a.
Budapest 1213

Principal: Judit Ponya
Telephone: +36 20 468 7777
E-mail: jponya@fatdux.com

FatDUX Copenhagen ApS, Denmark

Strandøre 15, DK-2100 København Ø
DK-2100 Copenhagen

Principal: Eric Reiss
Telephone: +45 20 12 88 44
E-mail: info@fatdux.com
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