An open letter to John Hancock Insurance

The following represents strictly my personal views, which may or may not represent the opinions of the owners and employees of The FatDUX Group. This represents the essence of an email sent earlier today to the John Hancock Insurance Company, … More

Seven things I learned

1. Listen and learn. In that order. Wisdom may come from intuition, but understanding comes from knowledge. If your urge is to show off your knowledge, that’s generally the time to shut up. 2. A perception is always true to … More

A logical puzzle. A cash prize.

The story Wendy was nervous about attending the 2011 IA Summit in Denver, Colorado. It was her first time at a major conference and she didn’t know a soul. But as this is an informal, friendly conference, her fears were … More

Dopamine and the mind – why good designs go wrong

Over the years, I have noticed a strange pattern: when executives (site owners) are asked to comment on design layouts, they often say there is too much text and demand larger pictures/graphics – whether these are relevant or not. These … More

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Should information architects be code-monkeys?

At the recent IA Summit in Denver, CO, the inimitable Jared Spool suggested that information architects could do their jobs better if they knew how to code. This provocative statement did indeed provoke a lot of comment. So in answer … More

Trips and User Experience

We all take trips on regular basis. They might defer in destination, purpose and pace, but nonetheless we travel to that finale we once set foot to. And while we are at that, we do not venture on a flat … More

SEO is an Oligarchy, not a Monarchy

Derrick Wheeler, SR SEO Architect at Microsoft, recently announced that “structure” is the new king of SEO. ( This must be news to the recently deposed Content as king, its regent, Context and whatever was considered king before newly anointed … More

Growing up slowly

I’m standing in the kitchen of my home in Copenhagen. It’s been snowing and the branches of the tall cedars behind the house are heavy with white. The reflected light, cool but embracing, changes the room in a magical fashion. It’s … More