Voted “Professor of the Year” from the IE Business School in 2008, Eric Reiss is not only a great educator, he is a true thought leader.


Our CEO, Eric Reiss, has been on the cutting edge of user-experience design since, well, his beard wasn’t grey back then. He has lectured at universities the world over – but he isn’t an academic. He has given talks at numerous tech conferences – but he isn’t a geek. And he has held workshops for dozens of major businesses – because he knows how to makes businesses grow. As testimony to the value of his ideas, his books are available in multiple languages.

Here are a few links to his public speeches:


His most popular workshops include:

  • Writing for interactive media
  • Service design
  • Usable usability
  • Research when you have no available budget

Other, more esoteric workshops are also available. And Eric will gladly tailor a workshop to your company’s specific needs.

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