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UX Workshops in Los Angeles

I’m really looking forward to yet another whirlwind trip to Canada and the United States next week! In addition to MeetUps in Vancouver and San Francisco, courtesy of the brilliant folks at the IxDA, I’ll also be holding two UX workshops in Los Angeles. I’d love to see you!

Psst – if you use the discount code “quack” you’ll get a $50 discount on each workshop! Registration info is at the bottom of this page.

“Usable Usability” will be held Saturday, October 13th
Lean UX is about applying common sense to create better user-experiences. Come to this half-day workshop and I’ll show you how to start this process through simple usability improvements. Basically, I think usability and UX are built on three E’s: Ease of use – the product does what the user wants it to do; Elegance and clarity – the product does what the user expects it to do; and Empathy – understanding and addressing the needs of the users. During our four hours together, I will show you how to evaluate and improve products and services in a truly lean and agile way – a method that has proven successful with clients, business students, and seasoned usability professionals alike. The method even includes a hands-on technique for individuals within a large organization to carry out guerilla-style usability hacks that show the value of usability to the people in charge of budgets.

“Writing for Interactive Media” will be held on Sunday, October 14th
Let’s face it, without content, you can’t have content strategy! In this half-day workshop, I’ll show you how to create findable, scanable, skimable, and readable on-line content that creates understanding, builds trust, and increases conversion rates. Topics include: Why writing for the web is different; Navigation – it’s about labels, not graphics; How to build shared-references with your audience; The importance of core content descriptions; How to use contextual navigation (locally relevant links); What is information architecture from a content-provider point-of-view; What is responsive content from a reader and device point-of-view; and How to build landing pages and conversion funnels that win customers.

Both workshops are scheduled from 8:00am – 12:00pm at NextSpace in Culver City.  I’ll also sign copies of my new book, Usable Usability: Simple Steps for Making Stuff Better, kiss babies, and do interpretive dance as appropriate.

For additional info and registration, please visit:

Usable Usability

Writing for Interactive Media

(and remember to use your discount code, “quack”)

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