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Some thoughts on World Usability Day

Yesterday was “World Usability Day.” This is sad. Here’s why. We denote particular days for two reasons: To commemorate something (Martin Luther King’s birthday, for example), or to bring attention to a cause not otherwise in the public eye. “Usability” … More

On being “outdated”

An acquaintance recently called my user-experience (UX) message “outdated.” As perceptions are always true in the eyes of the beholder, I did not contest this remark. But I’m surprised that this person doesn’t seem to understand either my mission or … More

Emergency hurricane fanny pack

Here’s a list of about 20 things that you’ll want to have with you when a hurricane strikes. Not just “around the house,” but WITH YOU, preferably right there on your hip. No, I’m not a paranoid prepper, but my … More

UX Workshops in Los Angeles

I’m really looking forward to yet another whirlwind trip to Canada and the United States next week! In addition to MeetUps in Vancouver and San Francisco, courtesy of the brilliant folks at the IxDA, I’ll also be holding two UX … More

Shame on Korean Airlines!

A few days ago I got so frustrated with Korean Airlines’ online booking system I decided to share the horror with the rest of the world. I admit, because of what I do I am a bit more sensitive about … More

Stepan at the WebTop 100 conference

On 25th of Novemeber I have visited the conference WebTop100 and here is some notes and interesting quotes I have heard: First presentation was given by Jiri Suchy, the man who stands behind the redesign of O2 web pages. Link … More

FatDUX Prague sponsoring EuroIA in Prague

ENG: I am proud to announce the opening of FatDUX Prague. Our offices are located just minutes from the famed Wenceslas Square in the heart of the Czech capital. Over the past few years, our sister company, ExperienceU, has grown … More

The story of the BB-bird

I don’t know when the BB-bird came into my life, but it was early – a bright, yellow canary with an incredibly friendly demeanour. His name, pronounced “bee-bee”, was related directly to my ability to say things around the age … More