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SEO is an Oligarchy, not a Monarchy

Derrick Wheeler, SR SEO Architect at Microsoft, recently announced that “structure” is the new king of SEO. ( This must be news to the recently deposed Content as king, its regent, Context and whatever was considered king before newly anointed … More

Growing up slowly

I’m standing in the kitchen of my home in Copenhagen. It’s been snowing and the branches of the tall cedars behind the house are heavy with white. The reflected light, cool but embracing, changes the room in a magical fashion. It’s … More

Gone in an Instant

The hoopla around Google Instant has finally died down. It now remains an annoying feature that Google will diminish like the equally lauded ability to comment on results that came and went. Fingers crossed for good luck at my end … More

Photo swapping with DSB

This morning I went to the train station to acquire a monthly traveler’s card from DSB (public Danish transportation) The last time I needed this, was ten years ago when I went to college. At that time you would have … More

The user experience of user manuals

My wife and I recently received a wonderful gift: an electric juicer. Normally, I fight to keep contraptions like this off our kitchen counters, which I view as workspace, not storage or display. But the juicer is a really neat … More

Content strategy for dummies

Have you heard about “content strategy”? If you work in website development, the chances are you have. But what is it exactly? What is content? In the online world, “content” means stuff you put on a screen – words, pictures, … More

The UX of passport control

Think your front line doesn’t affect your bottom line? Nations should take a closer look at what happens at their borders – this is the first major touchpoint with a “national brand”. And the impression left is not always good. … More

FatDUX Ottawa Welcomes Kristina Mausser

It is with great pride that I announce the addition of Kristina Mausser to the FatDUX Ottawa team! Kristina is one of Canada’s leading Web Content Strategists whose expertise in identifying, positioning, and creating online content and messaging through best … More

What Do I Look for in an SEO Consultant?

While search engine optimization has been around since the moat of the academic/military ivory towers of the Internet was breached years ago, the elements of the practice have remained largely unchanged. Many practitioners are still using techniques from when the … More